The Most Adaptive Survive

So, I am eligible to retire in less than 5 years. I will have spent over 30 years in Emergency Services in some capacity. I feel it’s time to move on and change my profession.

I have always been involved with computers since Computer Club in high school. A couple of years ago I got involved with Ubuntu Linux as part of my Amateur Radio hobby. I took my daughter’s old laptop and turned it into a Linux machine. I got bit by the Linux bug and have been learning more and more; now I have a dual boot on my main computer and use the Linux side more than the Windows side. So I am currently studying Linux at the Linux Academy.

The title of this post is one of life’s truths. For proof I point you to the humble cockroach. Another of life’s truth is no person is an island. We are social creatures by nature and no one gets anywhere without the help, all though it may not seem like help at the time. Since I have started on this journey several people have been helpful and supportive. I appreciate all the help and support and look forward to more motivation and friendship as I go down this new path.

Getting Started

This is my latest foray into the World Wide Web. As I learn programming and more about computers via the Linux courses that I am taking there will be more features added to this webpage.

I currently work in Emergency Management and volunteer with Safe Harbor a local Veteran’s group that provides a safe place and education for Veterans and their families. I am a Veteran of the Cold War, 1984-1987, and am very interested in the welfare of our returning troops. As we always said, the military is really good at teaching you to turn it on, not so good at teaching how to turn it off.

I was certified as an Emergency Medical Technician from 1986 to 2006. I have Post Traumatic Stress from my time in the streets. I am active with peer counseling and support for those who have walked that path.